Things To Do In Sydney In Bad Weather (Page 2)

Food blogger acclaimed burgers

Food blogger acclaimed burgersNewtown, NSW

Jack's Newtown opened in October to much hoo-ha and fanfare. Straight off the bat, foodies and bloggers were claiming that Sydney's best burgers were at Jack's. And a couple of months after opening their doors - the

Famous Macarons at Adriano Zumbo

Famous Macarons at Adriano ZumboRozelle, NSW

Probably the best thing to do in Rozelle is to visit the famous Adriano Zumbo shop hidden down in the backstreets and try their Macarons, believe me, they will be the best macarons you will EVER taste. As well as their

Pho at Madame Nhu's

Pho at Madame Nhu'sSurry Hills, NSW

The environment is cute and cozy with a little bit of kitsch. The pho has to be some of the best in sydney. It's made from Greg ingredients with just the right amount of flavour.Price is good great expecially for the

Sydney city dodgem bumper cars

Sydney city dodgem bumper carsHaymarket, NSW

Nestled away on the top floor of the Market City shopping centre in Haymarket are bumper cars for the kids. The cost is $5/car or you can get 4 rides on the dodgems for $15. There's a sign saying height and weight

The Caper Club

The Caper ClubSydney, NSW

You're a woman who wants it all - good work, good friends, the good life. You still have zest and verve, but you don't want to give it all away to work because, well, the return is shall we say "unreliable." You want to

Where To Find Pokemon In Sydney

Where To Find Pokemon In SydneySydney, NSW

Sydney is going absolutely wild for Pokemon Go! There are a few tips & tricks on how and where to find not only the biggest concentrations of Pokemon, but also some of the rare Pokemon to fill out your collection!If

Mojitos and a little bit of cuba

Mojitos and a little bit of cubaSydney, NSW

The Mojitos at the Cuban place are the best. They come in regular or Cuban (Cuban has the dark rum) and they're made with Cuban love. Just the right amount of mint... Cuban place Mojitos are a treat. There's a good

Eat a ramen burger

Eat a ramen burgerSydney, NSW

Ramen burgers dont contain ramen, they are ramen. In place of the brioche buns that are popular right now are two sets of boiled and fried ramen noodles. The regular fillings are in between, burger patties, lettuce,

Cool Kids Dumplings and Dim Sum

Cool Kids Dumplings and Dim SumSydney, NSW

If you're looking for a cool little place that'll impress friends or a date, somewhere to eat that is cool enough it might rub off on you. Work in progress is the place for you! Originally a pop-up, the graffiti adorned

Eat Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Eat Chocolate Covered PretzelsSydney, NSW

I'm 35 years old an only just discovered this amazing treat. My dreams tonight will be filled with the yummy things. Mini pretzels covered in dark chocolate are manna from heaven. The richness of the dark chocolate

Sing in the rain

Sing in the rainSydney, NSW

Sydney has a lot of rainy days regardless of the time of year. Why not have some fun with that and sing in the rain? You can either sing in the rain while you're going to and from places, or you could take the

Exercise at the gym

Exercise at the gymSydney, NSW

It really doesn't matter where you are in Sydney. There's hundreds of gyms to choose from. If you've got some time to spare then take a trip to the gym and work out. Most gyms have exercise equipment that will suit

A Step Back in Time

A Step Back in TimeSydney, NSW

The Strand Arcade is a wonderful place to visit while visiting Sydney. The arcade is home to numerous shops on varying levels and makes you feel like you’ve travelled back to the nineteenth century. The arcade features

Gin bar masquerading as a barbershop

Gin bar masquerading as a barbershopSydney, NSW

The Barbershop isn't just a clever name for a actually IS a barbershop! The storefront looks like a classic victorian barbershop but behind the metal door...lies an incredible low-lit vintage gin bar that packs

Coffee and Books

Coffee and BooksSydney, NSW

What a wonderful place to have a cafe situation. The world famous Dymocks, who stock books and stationary, have a great little cafe set up in the upstairs area of their George Street, Sydney store. Book shops are in

Self guided whisky tasting

Self guided whisky tastingSydney, NSW

Baxter Inn has to be one of my favourite hidden bars in Sydney and it's all about whiskey. The baxter goes further than most hidden bars by also being in a hidden basement! On entry to the bar you start to worry where