Things to do at Tangalooma (Page 2)

Build a sandcastle at tangalooma

Build a sandcastle at tangaloomaTangalooma, QLD

With sand and beaches just about everywhere, a fun thing to do is build a sandcastle. Big or small it's a great one for the kids to do. If you've got a bunch of kids with you make a competition for who can make the

Badminton at Tangalooma

Badminton at TangaloomaTangalooma, QLD

This is another one of the free activities at tangalooma and worth a play if you're bored.The shuttlecocks are a bit plasticky though and kept getting stuck in the racquet which made the game a bit hard really. It's a

Tangalooma fish feeding tour

Tangalooma fish feeding tourTangalooma, QLD

The fish feeding tour at tangalooma is probably the best value tour for those looking to get out amongst the wrecks. For about $30 per person you get picked up by boat and taken to the wrecks where you're handed some

Tangalooma Archery fun

Tangalooma Archery funMoreton Island, QLD

Of the many free activities available on tangalooma, archery is the most popular (probably because it's the most fun) and is probably the best.The range is just a single target which is made out of wetsuit material

Snorkel the wrecks

Snorkel the wrecksMoreton Island, QLD

The wrecks at Tangalooma are a treasure chest of marine wildlife within a short snorkel from the beach. To snorkel the wrecks, look at the direction the current is going and pick the opposite end to start from, swim up