Things to do at Tangalooma

Tangalooma resort on Moreton Island is a stunning getaway spot just 75 minutes by ferry from Brisbane. Moreton Island is the 3rd largest sand Island in the world and is 99% National Park. Tangalooma Island Resort makes up the majority of the 1% that's not national park, providing a safe place for kids and families to run around in. Tangalooma resort is graced nightly by wild Dolphins that guests of the hotel are able to feed. With over 40 free activities and more paid, you and the Family are set for an amazing time at Tangalooma, check out these fun activities.

Spend a weekend at Tangalooma

Spend a weekend at TangaloomaMoreton Island, QLD

We’re so lucky in Brisbane to be surrounded by so many amazing beaches, but Tangalooma Island Resort has to be my favourite place to head for the weekend. Situated on Moreton Island and a 40-minute ferry ride from

Spicy sezchuan dinner on the beach

Spicy sezchuan dinner on the beachQLD

Fire & stone restaurant is a relatively new addition to tangalooma and serves some dynamite Chinese food. If you like a Chinese meal, fire & stone is top notch. Fire & Stone specialises in szechuan cooking (lots of

Feed a Dolphin

Feed a DolphinTangalooma, QLD

Feeding a dolphin is the main draw for the Island, if you're staying overnight or have booked a dolphin feeding experience day tour then it's included as part of your stay. There's something about watching live dolphins

Helicopter workshop

Helicopter workshopTangalooma, QLD

The free helicopter workshops on the island are instructional for the kids and informative for the adults. Get a basic understanding of aeronatics, learning the difference between pitch and yolk, what a tail rudder does

Pelican Feeding

Pelican FeedingMoreton Island, QLD

Pelican feeding on Tangalooma Island is a great activity for the kids, no matter what age!Head to the information desk for an update on feeding times!

Kookaburra feeding

Kookaburra feedingTangalooma, QLD

Kookaburra feeding is a top choice for the kids. Unlike the dolphin feeding, the time of day for feeding changes regularly so you'll need to check out the "What's happening at Tangalooma" books and guides that are around

Bucket of prawns in the sun

Bucket of prawns in the sunTangalooma, QLD

When you're in such a tropical paradise, what could be better than some fresh cold seafood and some wine? The beach hut cafe has your back. The buckets of prawns while they may seem expensive are full up of prawns and

Visit the dessert

Visit the dessertTangalooma, QLD

Moreton Island is the third largest sand island in the world and quite aptly has a large area on the island known as "The dessert". It's the area the bus will take you if you choose to go sandboarding but it's walking

AMAZING SUNSETS at tangalooma

AMAZING SUNSETS at tangaloomaTangalooma, QLD

The sunsets at Tangalooma are up there with the greatest sunsets I've ever seen in the world. Moreton Island is far enough of the east coast of Brisbane that the sun sets over the water back towards the mainland. It's a

Putting practise

Putting practiseTangalooma, QLD

Great for young ones and beginners, the putting green and sand traps at tangalooma will give the youngens a taste for what golf is like. There's no need to bring your clubs, the watersports/activities shed has you

Table tennis

Table tennisTangalooma, QLD

Tangalooma has so many free activities to play with the family. Table tennis is such a great fun one for the family and it's simple enough for kids of all ages. Definitely don't bother trying if the winds up as you'll

Boules at tangalooma

Boules at tangaloomaTangalooma, QLD

If you're stuck for activities go and grab the boules kit from the water sports shed. The official playing place is near the archery shed but you can go and play it anywhere really. For a bit of a Tangalooma spin on the

Croquet @ Tangalooma

Croquet @ TangaloomaTangalooma, QLD

Croquet is one of the free activities available at the resort. It's a nice fun game to keep the kids entertained for an hour or so. Sometimes it good to just lay back and do something relaxing and watch the world go by.

Picnic on the beach @ Moreton Island

Picnic on the beach @ Moreton IslandTangalooma, QLD

Being the third largest Sand Island in the world, there's no shortage of gorgeous beaches on Moreton island. The beach runs the whole way around the island (well certainlyAs far as I could walk). If you're coming to

Play squash @ Moreton Island

Play squash @ Moreton IslandTangalooma, QLD

Squash is awesome fun and at tangalooma it's one of the better free activities you can do away from the heat (and wind if there is any). When you're just beginning at squash it's a lot easier than tennis and there's a

Tennis @ Tangalooma

Tennis @ TangaloomaTangalooma, QLD

Tennis is free to play at the resort (there's a $20 cash deposit required). The courts are easy to find right behind the water sports shed (which is handy as that's where you get your racquets).The deposit covers as many

Sandboarding on Tangalooma Island

Sandboarding on Tangalooma IslandMoreton Island, QLD

The Desert Safari Tour on Tangalooma Island doesn’t just include a amazing 4WDing experience, it also includes Sandboarding.Not for the faint hearted the Desert Safari tour takes you into the Moreton Island National

Watch the dolphins get fed

Watch the dolphins get fedTangalooma, QLD

If you're on the island you already know about this one. If you're doing a day trip though and haven't paid to feed the dolphins - it's almost as magical just to watch the wild tangalooma dolphins playing in their