Things To Do in Sydney with Kids

"Muuuuum!! I'm bored", "Dad!! What things are we doing today?!". These are the cries of a bored Sydney child, a Sydney kid who needs some fun kids things to do and a parent needing a list of things to do in Sydney with Kids. This collection of 200+ kids activity suggestions give you all the Sydney places to take kids and Sydney activities for kids. There are free Sydney kids things to do to fancy things to do with kids in Sydney (It's Sydney after all) you will find some things to do with the kids in Sydney you'll enjoy (or something you'll enjoy that the kids can tag along to :))

Coogee Pavilion

Coogee PavilionCoogee, NSW

Merivale's latest refurb is tiiiiight. Coogee Pavilion, or the 'Pav' as its affectionately known by locals, is the hottest hangout for the beachy beauties of the east - and will be pumping all summer long. It's just a

Monkey Mania

Monkey ManiaBankstown, NSW

Ever just needed some time to yourself but always having to worrying about keeping the kids entertained? Whether it's 40 degrees or 10, Monkey Mania can provide your child/children with endless hours of fun in one of the

Watch the Sunrise/ Sunset at North Head Manly

Watch the Sunrise/ Sunset at North Head ManlyManly, NSW

Before you wrap up or even start your day in Manly Beach, why not head out to North Head and enjoy a relaxing, amazing view that you would just immediately know you should post up on Instagram? Put up a picnic with

Walk North Fort to Shelley Beach

Walk North Fort to Shelley BeachManly, NSW

This is a great walk for people of all abilities. Take the bus from outside the Manly ferry up to North Head. Get off by the information centre then walk into North Fort and across the Army Barracks - there are lots of

Airplanes spotting at the beach...

Airplanes spotting at the beach...Brighton-Le-Sands, NSW

Brighton le sands beach is a quiet beach where you can walk around a 2km strip walk way with the views of flight take off from the runway ,as this spot is close to the airport. You have couple of good restaurants where

Flying fox swing

Flying fox swingRozelle, NSW

The flying fox in this park is great fun for kids (and big Kids) and there's plenty of park land around the swing for kids to play. Looking out over the bay and the iron cove bridge, the flying fox is a good 20metres

Visit Cockatoo Island

Visit Cockatoo IslandMultiple locations

Right in the middle of Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island features a bar, historic sites, and even allows you to camp during special periods like New Years Eve & Christmas. The only way to get to cockatoo island is by

Snorkel at a hidden Sydney beach!

Snorkel at a hidden Sydney beach!NSW

Gordon's Bay is a hidden Gem in Sydney, although it get's quite busy on weekends, it is hidden from the general public and A LOT of Sydney-siders have no idea it exists!It is a beach/bay cut into the rocks between Coogee

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Rock ClimbingSaint Peters, NSW

the newly renovated indoor climbing centre has many rooms/ activities to ensure everyone here has a good time. They have free fall zones where you can climb without a harness, as well as zones that et you climb inside

Neutral Bay Lawn bowls

Neutral Bay Lawn bowlsNeutral Bay, NSW

The neutral Bay club has a great green and nice little bar that's great for a summer arvo session of bowls with friends. Green fees are reasonable and beers are club prices so why wouldn't you come on down. With plenty

Eat yoghurt on a swing

Eat yoghurt on a swingNewtown, NSW

The yogurberry in Newtown has a super cute seating arrangement up the front near the doors, there are swings at the tables! After you grab you frozen yoghurt, you can grab a place up near the door and pretend you're in a

Go On A Jet Blast
from $50

Go On A Jet BlastSydney, NSW

Sit back and hang on tight as we open the throttle and release 500 litres of water per second from the jet as we unleash the full power at 75km/h. With a mix of 180-degree spins, wild fishtails and incredible power brake

Visit Sydney Wildlife World

Visit Sydney Wildlife WorldSydney, NSW

Sydney Wildlife world is a perfect day out, just like the zoo, only difference being its all in doors, which means sun or shine this event can go ahead.The staff at this venue are very informative and hold shows and

Explore local cycleways

Explore local cyclewaysSydney, NSW

Grab your bike and explore the cycleways in your city! This is a great way to exercise, explore and have fun with stops along the way at cafes, galleries and parks. Navigate the area in a completely different way and get

Go Ice Skating

Go Ice SkatingMacquarie Park, NSW

Macquarie Ice Rink is a Sydney legacy where kids and adults have been ice skating for the past 40 years.  In a city with Sydney's weather, the ice rink at Macquarie provides a relaxing cool time on a hot day. With

Sydney city dodgem bumper cars

Sydney city dodgem bumper carsHaymarket, NSW

Nestled away on the top floor of the Market City shopping centre in Haymarket are bumper cars for the kids. The cost is $5/car or you can get 4 rides on the dodgems for $15. There's a sign saying height and weight