Rainy Day Activities in Sydney

Sydney rain isn't a pain, rainy days in Sydney are great for experiencing Sydney's hidden activities. Sydney has theatres, museums, arcades and plenty of warm bars with activities on a rainy day. Make the most of rainy days in Sydney with this extensive list of Rainy Day Activities in Sydney after the ad.

Sydney city dodgem bumper cars

Sydney city dodgem bumper carsHaymarket, NSW

Nestled away on the top floor of the Market City shopping centre in Haymarket are bumper cars for the kids. The cost is $5/car or you can get 4 rides on the dodgems for $15. There's a sign saying height and weight

Cool Kids Dumplings and Dim Sum

Cool Kids Dumplings and Dim SumSydney, NSW

If you're looking for a cool little place that'll impress friends or a date, somewhere to eat that is cool enough it might rub off on you. Work in progress is the place for you! Originally a pop-up, the graffiti adorned

Sing in the rain

Sing in the rainSydney, NSW

Sydney has a lot of rainy days regardless of the time of year. Why not have some fun with that and sing in the rain? You can either sing in the rain while you're going to and from places, or you could take the

Visit the Mark Hanham Gallery

Visit the Mark Hanham GallerySurry Hills, NSW

Sydney artist Mark Hanham opened his first gallery in 2011, further proving his position as one of Sydney's exciting young artists. Mark's gallery has grown to become of Sydney's most successful, and his work quickly

Eat authentic American BBQ

Eat authentic American BBQDarlinghurst, NSW

Surly's smokes their meat in an authentic American fashion, the brisket, sausages, lamb and other meats come out of the cooker dripping with the flavour of smoke. Like any bbq place worth its salt in the states, meat is

Go Ice Skating

Go Ice SkatingMascot, NSW

Close to Sydney and great for Rainy Days... Have you always wanted to bring out the inner skater in you? Open all day, seven days a week, Ice Zoo ice rink in Alexandria provides you with the opportunity to do just that!

Eat Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Eat Chocolate Covered PretzelsSydney, NSW

I'm 35 years old an only just discovered this amazing treat. My dreams tonight will be filled with the yummy things. Mini pretzels covered in dark chocolate are manna from heaven. The richness of the dark chocolate

Sydney go-karting (Kart atak)

Sydney go-karting (Kart atak)Wolli Creek, NSW

Kart-atak, the sydney go karting place near the airport (technically wolli creek) the nearest place to get a motor sport fix to the sydney as it's < 30mins drive from the CBD.The go karts at wolli creek are fast enough

Ten Pin Bowling

Ten Pin BowlingSydney, NSW

On a rainy day, everyone loves a bit of competition and what better way to get some than ten pin bowling! Ten pin bowling is incredibly fun and with ten pin bowling at Darling Harbour you're sure to have a great time.

Indulge at unique dessert bar

Indulge at unique dessert barSydney, NSW

Zero Degrees Sydney is a fun and quirky go-to place for desserts located in the heart of Sydney's CBD. One of the things that they are most famous for are their 'pufferfish icecream'. This decadent treat is a fish

Visit the Australian National Maritime Museum

Visit the Australian National Maritime MuseumSydney, NSW

The Australian National Maritime Museum is located in Sydney's beautiful Darling Harbour. The sight of the Museum's historic collection of Maritime vessels, each floating in the harbour, has become a stunning aspect of

Share some cupcakes

Share some cupcakesSydney, NSW

Everyone needs a little sweetness, and the cupcake bakery are the best in the game. There are loads of locations too. The cakes are all very fresh and appear to be baked every single day, so I am yet to experience a dry