Jumps into sydney harbour

Swimming in sydney harbour is one of the best things to do on a hot summer day. The water can be a bit chilly to get into so a handy jump to get you into the water. There are a number of places in the harbour you can get into the water, some high, some low and here you can find the best of them. Some of the jumps in this section are dangerous and illegal so look but don't try.

Manly harbour jump rock

Manly harbour jump rockManly, NSW

Manly jump rock has been around forever and was a common place to spend summers while growing up.The council have stepped in to shutting this one down over the years and the jump is illegal and carries a strong warning

Jump off Taylor's Point Wharf

Jump off Taylor's Point WharfClareville, NSW

The water here is super clean, and there's sand at the bottom, so there's no chance of hitting nasty rocks.For those of us who would rather take it slow into the water there is also a set of stairs at the end of the

Cliff jumping @ Jump Rock

Cliff jumping @ Jump RockWatsons Bay, NSW

Warning - this jump is technically illegal and carries a $150 fine if you get caught. People have been seriously injured here and some have died at jump rock so do this at your own peril. That being said - this is one of

Jump off the baths at Balmoral

Jump off the baths at BalmoralMosman, NSW

At the southern end of Balmoral you'll find the 'Balmoral baths', one of the oldest ocean swimming areas in Sydney.The balmoral baths are an ocean swimming pool with a shark net that surrounds the perimeter underneath

Jumping from Forty baskets wharf

Jumping from Forty baskets wharfBalgowlah Heights, NSW

Forty baskets is a beautiful little stop on the spit walk between north harbour reserve and dobroyd point. There's an ocean pool which keeps the sharks out and makes for good jumping off. The water gets pretty shallow at

Jump from Clifton Gardens pool

Jump from Clifton Gardens poolMosman, NSW

The wharf and pool at Clifton Gardens is a great place to jump from on a hot summer day. When the tides out you can find yourself plummeting 3-4metres before hitting the water, one of the more extreme harbour pool jumps.