Things to do in Woolloomooloo

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City to Surf

City to SurfWoolloomooloo, NSW

If you are a bit of a fitness fanatic, or just enjoy trying something new the city to surf is something you should consider being involved in!Its a massive 14km run but definitly worth it! Last year I was one of the

BL Burgers

BL BurgersDarlinghurst, NSW

Bar Luca is one thing. Their new take away burger joint is another. Not much room to move but order a delicious burger from this little burger joint. It's a tiny little take away that serves up big mouthfuls of

Eat authentic American BBQ

Eat authentic American BBQDarlinghurst, NSW

Surly's smokes their meat in an authentic American fashion, the brisket, sausages, lamb and other meats come out of the cooker dripping with the flavour of smoke. Like any bbq place worth its salt in the states, meat is