Things to do in Terrigal

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Glowing Plankton!

Glowing Plankton!Terrigal, NSW

Terrigal is definitely a hotpost for The Central Coast no doubt about that, but it’s the hidden treasures that are truly beautiful. Terrigal Haven is one of the many that beaches that this phenomenon appears at! Directly

Sirens Night Club

Sirens Night ClubTerrigal, NSW

I don't go here much, but when I do, I always have a great time. It is strange I think you really need to be drunk for this place as it is extremely hot! I'm talking about like 40 degrees! It is always packed with young

Mumbos - Bar and Restaurant

Mumbos - Bar and RestaurantTerrigal, NSW

Mumbo Jumbos, located on Terrigal esplanade, Central Coast, New South Wales. Is a bar and restaurant with a Caribbean styled influence. The bar is rooftop bar with a beer garden overlooking Terrigal beach with amazing

The Crown Plaza, Terrigal

The Crown Plaza, TerrigalTerrigal, NSW

The Crown Plaza Terrigal, is a popular attraction with the locals, get the full central coast- Terrigal experience heading out to the "Beery" on a Sunday for a Sunday sesh. Great local bands, great music and reasonably

Picnic on the rocks.

Picnic on the rocks.Terrigal, NSW

Fancy a peaceful picnic with your family, friends or loved ones? This is the place to do it.Set up on the rocks at the haven, and enjoy your picnic while listening to the sound of the ocean against the rocks and enjoying

Morning workout and sunrise

Morning workout and sunriseTerrigal, NSW

If you aren't a morning person, you will be after doing this once. Although getting up in time for sunrise & a walk seems hard, it's well worth it for the rewards you will gain. Head to the Skillion at Terrigal Haven

Fish and Chips on Terrigal Beach

Fish and Chips on Terrigal BeachTerrigal, NSW

There is nothing that I love more then fish and chips on the sand after a day in the sun at Terrigal beach, particularly at sunset!Terrigal beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful locations on the Central Coast

Enjoy a Crusty Knob!

Enjoy a Crusty Knob!Terrigal, NSW

Easily the best bar in Terrigal! Looks like nothing special from the outside – you wouldn’t even know it was a bar, but as soon as you go in, you forget where you are! Definitely have to try their specialty drink - the

Investigate the rock pools at Terrigal Beach

Investigate the rock pools at Terrigal BeachTerrigal, NSW

It’s not everyday that you come across a wildlife sanctuary that just happens to be thriving in an ordinary, untended area. But this is just like that. The rock pools down at the southern end of Terrigal Beach are filled

Sunday Session at the Beery!

Sunday Session at the Beery!Terrigal, NSW

Get down to the Terrigal Beer Garden (also known as the Florida Beach Bar) every Saturday and Sunday afternoon for some drinks and food in the sunshine right across from Terrigal Beach, on Terrigal Esplanade. Live Music

Perfect Aussie Arvo

Perfect Aussie ArvoWamberal, NSW

Mostly an unchartered beach. Perfect for a Friday arvo picnic, early morning swim or a romantic stroll across the sand. Dogs are allowed on this beach too! (Just make sure to bring bags and a ball haha) Beach is

Bushwalking Track

Bushwalking TrackGreen Point, NSW

I went up this bushtrack originally during a school tafe course trip and it was amazing! We learnt so much about our surroundings and the historical past. The track was pretty steep at times and required a lot of grunt

Breathtaking Bushwalk Views

Breathtaking Bushwalk ViewsCopacabana, NSW

There are literally tonnes and tonnes of lookouts within this one spot! As you arrive you with see two paths, take the left hand sides path and you will arrive at a lookout at which you can see Sydney from (on a good



Avoca Lake is definitely one of the admired natural landmarks of the Coast. Not only is it beautiful, but it is fun and very safe for children! There is a company called Aquafun that comes to Avoca Lake, the company

Gosford  Classic Car Musesum

Gosford Classic Car MusesumErina, NSW

Gosford Classic Car Museum showcases a large variety of classic cars. It currently holds over 420 cars of all sorts of different variety’s. The museum is a great place to take the children or even the parents to have a