Things to do in Surry hills

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Cheese and wine tasting

Cheese and wine tastingSurry Hills, NSW

Ocello has a great cheese and wine tasting experience you can book in for and was to.Get to learn all about the cheeses of the world and what goes well with each. The owners of Ocello are a father and wife pair who

Free Karaoke

Free KaraokeSurry Hills, NSW

With a great selection of english songs and the privacy of your very own booth. These karaoke booths are a refreshing change for Sydney's expensive scene. The idea is that you're meant to buy some beers and food

Rock out at Vasco Bar

Rock out at Vasco BarSurry Hills, NSW

Just when you thought there were too many trendy little cocktail joints, along comes Vasco. While it might not be too proper to say, this is the cocktail joint you can go with a bunch of your mates, and still feel at

Lobster Mac and cheese

Lobster Mac and cheeseSurry Hills, NSW

Opulent and totally unnecessary, the lobster Mac and cheese at the winery is a treat. The dish comes as a full lobster tail sitting atop a cube style cook Mac and cheese. The combination works well and it's one of

Walk through the suburbs of Surry Hills

Walk through the suburbs of Surry HillsSurry Hills, NSW

This may seem simple but Surry Hills has incredible architecture, cafes, shops and some hidden street art. One of my favourite streets to walk down is McElhone Place, it is right off Bourke Street and is absolutely

Brunch and Coffee in a gorgeous cafe

Brunch and Coffee in a gorgeous cafeSurry Hills, NSW

Try and get a table outside! Gorgeous tables and chairs/couches. I'd highly recommend getting the sticky chai (their teapots are so beautiful!) as well as a cookie of some sort. They have a lovely seasonal menu with an

Time to Shift your brunch!

Time to Shift your brunch!Surry Hills, NSW

The new kid on the block, Shift Eatery, is Sydney’s first completely vegan deli. In many ways a functional answer to Melbourne’s Smith & Deli, Shift Eatery is providing Surry Hills locals with an ever-instagrammable menu