Things to do in San diego

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Go for a walk along Pacific Beach

Go for a walk along Pacific BeachSan Diego, CA

Kick off those shoes and get some sand between your toes! Pacific Beach is a beautiful place to soak up some sun, breathe in some salty air and relax. You can walk along the water or there is a footpath up near the road

Hire a rod and go  fishing on Crystal Pier

Hire a rod and go fishing on Crystal PierSan Diego, CA

Fishing rods are available for hire at Crystal Pier Bait and Tackle. Walk on to the pier past the hotel and you'll find the shop on your left. If you have your own equipment then take it with you to go fishing. Crystal

Eat Extraordinary Desserts

Eat Extraordinary DessertsSan Diego, CA

This little gem was created by executive Pastry Chef/Owner, Karen Krasne a San Diego native, who graduated from the University of Hawaii with a Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. She has

Dinner with an epic view of San Diego City

Dinner with an epic view of San Diego CitySan Diego, CA

Grab a delicious meal at Coasterra Restaurant on San Diego's Harbor Island and sit back and soak in the epic views of San Diego city, This Mexican restaurant even offers fresh guacamole made for you by the Guac man

Experience a

Experience a "higher" level of YogaSan Diego, CA

A studio with locations in Hillcrest and Mission Valley is offering Herbally Enhanced Yoga. If this is your jam, you must be a card-carrying California medical marijuana patient to participate and it's strictly BYO. The

Walk across a musical bridge

Walk across a musical bridgeSan Diego, CA

It's a bridge that also doubles as a musical instrument! Created as a public art piece in 2003 by Roman de Salvo the railing that separates the sidewalk from the traffic hides 488 chimes. People walking by can strike

Build your own Smart Dessert

Build your own Smart DessertSan Diego, CA

Desserts just got a whole lot smarter! At iDessert in Little Italy San Diego you can build your own dessert on an iPad, choosing from 1000's of combination possibilities and then watch your dream dessert come to life in

Tour the Coast in a Biplane
from $239

Tour the Coast in a BiplaneSan Diego, CA

 This tour is our most popular tour/demo flight by a certified tour pilot and flight instructor.  You may get stick time, view downtown, naval facilities, Point Loma, the Beaches and La Jolla.  A free flight

Ride a Bi-plane in Formation
from $449

Ride a Bi-plane in FormationSan Diego, CA

Biplane formation flight. Wow.   Yes, Top Gun WOW.  Both persons fly this adventure for the set price.  We are the only FAA approved company to offer Biplane Formation Rides together but separate!  Enjoy a sporty yet

Explore Historic Old Town

Explore Historic Old TownSan Diego, CA

Old Town is the historic heart of San Diego. Created in 1769, Old Town San Diego was California’s first settlement with only a mission and a fort.Wander through lush gardens or browse at one of the many specialty shops

Dip your own candle on weekends in Old Town

Dip your own candle on weekends in Old TownSan Diego, CA

Toby's Candle & Soap Shop has been proud to serve Old Town San Diego State Historic Park since 1996 in the Sessions Building. They specialize in creating handmade soaps and candles right here at the shop. Visitors can

Order off the secret menu at Sycamore Den

Order off the secret menu at Sycamore DenSan Diego, CA

The 'Meister of None' is a secret menu cocktail brought to you by the bar tenders at Sycamore Den. Prepared in Sycamore Den’s slushie machine, this drink pays homage to two coffee cocktails, the base is cold-brew coffee