Things to do in Rosehill

There are tonnes of fun things to do in Rosehill & Rosehill's surrounds. Thingdoer is where Rosehill locals share their favourite Rosehill things to do and with 50+ activities suggested, all the best Rosehill things to do are here, there are free and discounted Rosehill activities alongside indulgent Rosehill things to do. You will find the fun Rosehill thing to do you're looking in this activity collection. If your favourite thing to do in Rosehill isn't listed, join Rosehill's thingdoers and share your things.

SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show

SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime ShowRosehill, NSW

Every Anime and Japanese Pop Culture fans must attend this event! There are heaps of things you can do here. Most people put out their guilty pleasures here by cosplaying their favourite characters and buying various

Japan in Auburn

Japan in AuburnAuburn, NSW

When you think of Auburn, you usually don't think of Japan. Tucked away in suburban streets is a lush green garden with a twist.Waterfalls, cherry blossoms and Koi ponds fill up the Japanese garden and really are the

Cherry Blossoms Bloom in Auburn

Cherry Blossoms Bloom in AuburnAuburn, NSW

In late August 2018, the Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival will return to Auburn Botanic Gardens in Sydney’s western suburbs. The festival, held at the gardens annually, is a celebration of Japanese culture with a schedule

Go Outlet Shopping

Go Outlet ShoppingHomebush, NSW

DFO (Direct factory Outlet) is a huge factory outlet that offers some of the best shopping deals in Sydney. Their aim is giving you the cheapest price by stopping the middle man.The Homebush store is Sydneys leading

Shop up big and save large at costco

Shop up big and save large at costcoLidcombe, NSW

Costco is a thing of its own, find someone with a membership (or pay for your own) and spend hours wandering the stacked shelves browsing discounted prices. Make sure you're prepared with plenty of storage at home

Walk and Learn

Walk and LearnHomebush, NSW

When exploring Sydney Olympic Park I found The Brickpit, a former industrial site that is also home to the rare and endangered green and golden bell frogs. It’s actually the frogs that stopped the brick pit from being

The most amazing Charcoal Chicken Ever

The most amazing Charcoal Chicken EverGranville, NSW

Tucked away in the suburbs of western Sydney this family run business makes the most amazing lebanese charcoal chicken, pickles and chips.What makes this place different from all the other charcoal chicken is its famous

Rainforest wonder dog walk

Rainforest wonder dog walkErmington, NSW

Only the locals know this one...Come here on a slightly overcast day with your best bud to take some time out to relax with a wonderful rainforest off leash dog walk. The whole park and walk is off leash and meanders

Family Day at the Park

Family Day at the ParkCarlingford, NSW

Ray Park is a great family-orientated park. The place has recently been remade with new play equipment, a paved pathway, some nice benches/table and now outdoor gym equipment too! The park is pet-friendly and also has a

Escape Room Adventure

Escape Room AdventureParramatta, NSW

This is a great activity in Parramatta for 2-8 people - the Labyrinth Escape Room. There are 3 different themed rooms where you work collaboratively as a team to escape. Its a fun activity that enhances your bonding

Parramatta Riverside Bike Ride

Parramatta Riverside Bike RideParramatta, NSW

Right next to the Barry Wilde Bridge at Parramatta River, you can hire bikes at a low cost to take a whizz around the riverside. This place has great views and the riverside itself is spectacular! Get hungry or in need