Things to do in Potts point

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Drink Bubble Tea Cocktails at Miss G's

Drink Bubble Tea Cocktails at Miss G'sPotts Point, NSW

Part of the Merivale Group, Miss G's is hidden down the tail end of Victoria St in Potts Point and provides a scrumptious range of Modern Asian Food. Try to book a table ahead of time for dinner as it can get quite

Kings Cross Hotel

Kings Cross HotelPotts Point, NSW

The three levels of the Kings Cross Hotel have something for everyone - from Dive Bar underneath, FBi (from the radio station of the same name) social on the first floor, then an awesome rooftop terrace that overlooks

Go for a drink at your local

Go for a drink at your localPotts Point, NSW

There are very few pubs left in King's Cross, however one pub that remains is SugarMill. It's one of the last remnants of the days gone by. With a relaxed atmosphere outside and a dance floor inside this is an excellent

Photograph the plaques in Kings Cross

Photograph the plaques in Kings CrossPotts Point, NSW

Kings Cross is notoriously known for Sydneysiders and tourists alike. It has a reputation as being a colourful place and the red light district of Sydney. With a number of bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues,

Walk the McElhone Stairs

Walk the McElhone StairsPotts Point, NSW

Take a detour from the coffee shops and bars of Victoria Street and take a trip up or down the McElhone Stairs. You'll get a great view from the top, and pass some interesting people on the way - backpackers from the

New fried chicken joint in the Cross

New fried chicken joint in the CrossPotts Point, NSW

Those clever dudes behind Mr Crackles have moved away from pork and dived head first into the chicken business – and what a lucrative business it is these days – with their new take-out fried chicken joint, Thirsty Bird.

Dinner at The Burger Joint

Dinner at The Burger JointPotts Point, NSW

For the best burger in Sydney hit the Burger Joint. The service and burgers are fantastic. You can also get wedges with your choice of sauces. You can go for lunch or an evening meal. They are open everyday until about

Delicious crepes

Delicious crepesPotts Point, NSW

Crepes are delicious and you can enjoy them anytime of the day. Getting savoury or sweet crepes whenever you want can be much more difficult though. Fortunately though there's a place in King's Cross that opened two