Things to do in Lorne

There are tonnes of fun things to do in Lorne & Lorne's surrounds. Thingdoer is where Lorne locals share their favourite Lorne things to do and with 6+ activities suggested, all the best Lorne things to do are here, there are free and discounted Lorne activities alongside indulgent Lorne things to do. You will find the fun Lorne thing to do you're looking in this activity collection. If your favourite thing to do in Lorne isn't listed, join Lorne's thingdoers and share your things.

Visit Erskine Falls

Visit Erskine FallsLorne, VIC

Erskine Falls is located 9km away from Lorne, and is one of the most popular waterfalls in the Otways area. The water of the falls flows for 30 metres, into the fern gully of the Erskine River.There are two lookouts: the

Explore the Waterfall

Explore the WaterfallLorne, VIC

Erskine falls is a popular tourist attraction which features a 30m waterfall and amazing greenery located in Lorne.It is an amazing family trip and great for likeminded explorers who love adventure and beautiful

Teddy's Lookout

Teddy's LookoutLorne, VIC

Teddy's Lookout is a 5 minute drive from the CBD of Lorne, and a manageable walk for those seeking a little bit of exercise up the undulating hills of Lorne.Teddy's Lookout is a perfect spot to visit on your way in or

Ecotent Camping at Cumberland Falls

Ecotent Camping at Cumberland FallsLorne, VIC

For those of you wanting a romantic getaway, a family weekend or a camping spot to have some drinks and games with your mates the Cumberland River Holiday Park is your place.Located approximately 7km past Lorne, the

A Waterfall in a lush Rainforest

A Waterfall in a lush RainforestLorne, VIC

When I first came to Erskine Falls, some ten years ago, I never had expected that there would be such a beautiful place only an hour and a half away from Melbourne. Set in a lush rainforest, Erskine Falls is a 30 metre