Things to do in Herston

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Play mini-golf

Play mini-golfHerston, QLD

Who doesn't like a family friendly/romantic game of putt putt golf? 18 holes, with decent scenic views of Brisbane CBD skyline. However, the cafe can be a little pricey if you intend to order a drink or two while you're

Breakfast or Golf why not both?

Breakfast or Golf why not both?Herston, QLD

There is many things to do at Victoria Park Golf Course and Function Centre. A popular activity is putt putt. Upon my visit I had breakfast which was quick and efficient and not too pricey. After breakfast we enjoyed

Play Mini-golf!

Play Mini-golf!Herston, QLD

Mini golf at the Victoria Park golf complex makes a great day out no matter how old you are! The course itself is beautifully maintained and a lot of fun, with each hole providing a new challenge for those who play. The

Football Old School

Football Old SchoolHerston, QLD

Want to experience football with a bit of history? Perhaps different to the usual stadium/plastic seat feel? Well, hop on over to Brisbane's north to experience it's best stadium which is used for local and international