Things to do in Hayborough

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Kondoli Sculpture

Kondoli SculptureHayborough, SA

At Kleinig's Hill Lookout, is a beautiful Whale sculpture. The Ngarrindjeri and Pitjantjatjara people and the local community all contributed to the project as a part of the reconciliation process.It is made of mosaic

Oceanic Victor Swim With The Tuna
from $85

Oceanic Victor Swim With The TunaSA

Experience life beneath the waves, swim with the Ferraris of the Ocean! Located just over an hour drive from Adelaide.Oceanic Victor offers 1.5 hours of fun, learning and excitement for the whole family, adventure

Urimbirra Wildlife Park

Urimbirra Wildlife ParkVictor Harbor, SA

Urimbirra hits the spot when it comes to experiencing the local creatures - it's not a massive place and doesn't need to be. The highlight is the very friendly Kangaroo Island Kangaroo's who are very tame and easily hand

Penguins on Granite Island

Penguins on Granite IslandVictor Harbor, SA

I haven't been to the Peguin Centre, but I have seen Penguins in the wild, in the daytime on Granite Island.I believe the Penguin population has been decreasing, so it is good the Penguin centre gives a home to sick and

Penguin watching on Granite Island

Penguin watching on Granite IslandVictor Harbor, SA

If you go to Victor Harbour, you can't miss the long boardwalk out to Granite Island. Catch the old horse drawn carriage over to the island, and spend the day exploring all the crack and crevices, looking for fairy

Go for a sail!

Go for a sail!Victor Harbor, SA

Go for a sail aboard "Sanity". This tours from Screwpile Jetty on Granite Island.It sails the Fleurieu Peninsula waters around Victor Harbour.The tour is approximately 3 hours long..and you can see seals,dolphins and of

Watching the waves at Granite Island

Watching the waves at Granite IslandVictor Harbor, SA

As you are walking the 1.2 kilometre walk around Granite Island, the ocean will just force you to stop and watch for ages...You will see the calm bays and the force of the Southern Ocean...Its free to do...and can occupy

Granite Island Kaiki Trail

Granite Island Kaiki TrailVictor Harbor, SA

The walk around Granite Island is quite interesting. It is a 1.5km walk around the perimeter, walking past many giant boulders and seeing great views of the Ocean. I have done it many times and never tire of looking at

Heritage Buildings in Victor Harbor

Heritage Buildings in Victor HarborVictor Harbor, SA

Victor Harbour has quite a few heritage buildings, and these can be found by picking up the brochure from the Information centre on the Heritage Trail.The trail starts in Flinders Parade, at the old Custom's House, and

Adare House

Adare HouseVictor Harbor, SA

If you stopped at Kleinig's Lookout, you most probably would have noticed this big house that looks like something from Europe.Driving down a little further down the hill, a road on the RH side leads to Adare House.

Heysen Trail

Heysen TrailVictor Harbor, SA

For some awesome scenery take a walk on the “Heysen Trail” which can be connected to just past the Bluff or at Parsons beach or Newland Headlands.(A must do). You can walk this track to Cape Jervis but it takes a couple

Walk the bluff (Rosetta Head)

Walk the bluff (Rosetta Head)Encounter Bay, SA

This prominent headland is formed of granite. The granite originated when magma was squeezed up from deep in the continental crust during the mountain building episode which occurred about 500 million years ago. This is

Granite Island

Granite IslandVictor Harbor, SA

Walk the causeway or catch the horse drawn tram. This is a great easy walk for all family. See whales, fairy penguins, dolphins or just enjoy the view.

Beside the seaside!

Beside the seaside!Victor Harbor, SA

Beside the seaside, we sure are at Victor Harbour, problem is, the beach is covered in a colossal amount of seaweed. Even some Birds, like the Lapwing Plover nest in it!There still is sand for the children to make their