Things to do in Darlinghurst

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BL Burgers

BL BurgersDarlinghurst, NSW

Bar Luca is one thing. Their new take away burger joint is another. Not much room to move but order a delicious burger from this little burger joint. It's a tiny little take away that serves up big mouthfuls of

Eat authentic American BBQ

Eat authentic American BBQDarlinghurst, NSW

Surly's smokes their meat in an authentic American fashion, the brisket, sausages, lamb and other meats come out of the cooker dripping with the flavour of smoke. Like any bbq place worth its salt in the states, meat is

Learn Mixology aka cocktail making

Learn Mixology aka cocktail makingDarlinghurst

What could be more fun than enjoying a cocktail or three with friends?Doing that, with cocktails you've made yourselves!Join a fun cocktail making class and have a fantastic evening out.See more details and book, or

Local Cafe

Local CafeDarlinghurst, NSW

Everyone needs a good local cafe and luckily just around the corner from me is a happening little street called Blackwood Street where you will food Blackwood Cafe. These guys pump out a great breakfast menu as well as

An Educational and Exciting Adventure

An Educational and Exciting AdventureDarlinghurst, NSW

The Australian museum provides hours of fun. Travel back in time and witness what Australia’s animals looked like thousands of years ago; see how they have changed and look at the animals that are alive at the present

Relax and play piano to the street

Relax and play piano to the streetDarlinghurst, NSW

Three Saint Steps is the name given tothis strange community space. Three saint steps is a communityproject from the Oxford St Activators, looking to rejuvenate andcreate a bit more community spirit in the paddington

Drink (And Eat) a Stacked Bloody Mary

Drink (And Eat) a Stacked Bloody MaryDarlinghurst, NSW

Bloody Mary's in Darlinghurst have come to rescue us all from our Saturday or Sunday mornings with a huge list of Bloody Marys - everything from the classic, to the 'Bloody Hell', a massive Margarita featuring a prawn,

Ching-a-lings rooftop bar

Ching-a-lings rooftop barDarlinghurst, NSW

Through a hidden door on Oxford st is a little bar called chingalings. There's a funky little outdoor area up the top and DJs at night. This place has a pretty grungy New York vibe.Chingalings is run by a street artist