Things to do in Clifton

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Sea Cliff Bridge!

Sea Cliff Bridge!Clifton, NSW

Sea cliff bridge! My god what a beautiful bridge, it’s on Lawrence Hargrave Drive. 30 minute drive from wollongong! It’s beautiful for a scroll across during the day but even during sunset the beautiful pink sky watching

Coledale rock pools and ocean bath swim

Coledale rock pools and ocean bath swimColedale, NSW

Whether you’re wanting to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney beaches, or if you’re an Illawarra local just looking to find somewhere new – you can’t go past the Coledale rock pools and ocean baths. Parking is never

Sublime Point bushwalk

Sublime Point bushwalkAustinmer, NSW

An exhausting walk, but really worthwhile! Starting at the base of the escarpment, head to the very top of Foothills Road in Austinmer to park your car. The first part of the walk is relatively leisurely, through low

Austinmer Rock Pools

Austinmer Rock PoolsAustinmer, NSW

If you’re in the Wollongong area I’d suggest checking out Austinmer Beach, in particular the rock pools on the left hand side. They're well known for being some of the best rock pools in the Illawarra with lots of

Scarborough Hotel lunch and drinks

Scarborough Hotel lunch and drinksScarborough, NSW

Scarborough Pub is quite possibly one of the most picturesque places to grab a drink and some food in the whole Northern Illawarra region. It can get extremely busy here on the weekends though, so the best advice is to

Bald Hill Lookout.

Bald Hill Lookout.Stanwell Tops, NSW

Drive across the beautiful sea cliff bridge which is a sight to see on its own, it is a breath taking beautiful bridge & definitely worth the drive across it, head up the mountain & park in the ball hill car park, you

Wodi Wodi Track bushwalk

Wodi Wodi Track bushwalkStanwell Park, NSW

The Wodi Wodi Track is a challenging walk that takes you up behind Stanwell Park, a beachside suburb in the far north of the Illawarra region a little over an hour south of Sydney. Depending on which way you want to take

Kelly’s Falls bushwalk

Kelly’s Falls bushwalkStanwell Tops, NSW

This is a short bushwalk that’s easy to undertake with kids or older family, as it’s no more than 15 mins from the car park to the top of the falls. If you’re up for something a little more involved you could either

Sea cliff bridge walk

Sea cliff bridge walkCoalcliff, NSW

Why not get away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney and take a drive down to this lovely costal bridge that runs Over the water, a stones throw away from Wollongong take in the majestic beauty and stunning architecture

Coalcliff Rockpools swim

Coalcliff Rockpools swimCoalcliff, NSW

Most people who make a trip to Coalcliff will know it merely as the place where you can park your car to take a walk across the majestic Seacliff Bridge. But the majority who visit are missing possibly the best part –

Kayak in Sydney Harbour

Kayak in Sydney HarbourCoalcliff, NSW

explore Sydney from the harbour and take in the beautiful views with a single or double Kayak hire. The cost at Kayak hire Rosebay is: Single kayaks: First hour $20.00 and $20.00 for each hour thereafterDouble kayaks:

Amazing ocean view from the top...

Amazing ocean view from the top...Stanwell Tops, NSW

Stanwell tops believe me the place one must definitely visit. It is the perfect place to go out for a date. The view of sea from the top of the hills is just extraordinary. You can have good time enjoying the views and

Ocean Lookout

Ocean LookoutStanwell Tops, NSW

This amazing lookout can take your breath away (like seriously if its windy it takes your breath away). The newly renovated area now provides adequate seating area so you can sit back and take it all in. The lookout