Things to do in Carlton

There are tonnes of fun things to do in Carlton & Carlton's surrounds. Thingdoer is where Carlton locals share their favourite Carlton things to do and with 20+ activities suggested, all the best Carlton things to do are here, there are free and discounted Carlton activities alongside indulgent Carlton things to do. You will find the fun Carlton thing to do you're looking in this activity collection. If your favourite thing to do in Carlton isn't listed, join Carlton's thingdoers and share your things.

Volunteer at the Sydney dog and cat home

Volunteer at the Sydney dog and cat homeCarlton, NSW

Seriously, this is the kind of date that I would love. You're doing a good thing, and you get to cuddle some gorgeous animals. And even if the date is a dud, all of the pups are beautiful! The Sydney dogs and cats home

Bushwalk in Earlwood

Bushwalk in EarlwoodBardwell Park, NSW

There's a small strip of bushland in Earlwood's Girrahween Park. It takes about 20-30 minutes to walk along but there are times where it actually feels like you are in the bush. There are also nice little areas to sit

Word (and drink) in Hand

Word (and drink) in HandMarrickville, NSW

In 2018, Word in Hand is relaunching itself at Marrickville’s Red Rattler Theatre. Moving from their former home at the Friend In Hand pub in Glebe, Word In Hand will continue to be on the first Tuesday of each month

Brunch with the locals

Brunch with the localsArncliffe, NSW

Rocca Bar & Kitchen is a homely little cafe based no longer than a minute walk away from Wolli Creek Station. There isn't much on the menu yet, but in saying that, everything on the menu is made with love (and is

Sydney Discovery Tour
from $660

Sydney Discovery TourMascot, NSW

An exceptional Sydney experience your family or group will never forget      .     A Custom Private Charter Tour. Australia's oldest and most cosmopolitan city is literally overflowing with thrilling views, fascinating

Ramsgate Organic Food Markets - Saturdays

Ramsgate Organic Food Markets - SaturdaysRamsgate, NSW

One of southern Sydney’s only certified organic food markets offering over 40 stalls filled with ethically grown and produced fruit, veg, crafts, meats, and baked goods. If your passionate about tis planet and the

Go Ice Skating

Go Ice SkatingMascot, NSW

Close to Sydney and great for Rainy Days... Have you always wanted to bring out the inner skater in you? Open all day, seven days a week, Ice Zoo ice rink in Alexandria provides you with the opportunity to do just that!

Night Time Picnic On The Beach

Night Time Picnic On The BeachBrighton-Le-Sands, NSW

Take a blanket, some cosy covers and some pre-prepared food and drink for a night time picnic at Brighton Le Sands beach. The beach is very peaceful at night and there are lots of grassy areas where you can set up your

Watch a plane fly by

Watch a plane fly bySydney, NSW

Some people like to watch cars and some people like to spend time watching the races or tennis. if you're after a new and exciting thing to do them head to Sydney Airpodt and watch the planes take off. Before you leave

Good Variety of Asian Food

Good Variety of Asian FoodRockdale, NSW

Close to the Rockdale Train Station, we can find a street with a good Variety of Asian Food. It means Chinese Food, Libanese Food, Thai Food, Vietnamese Food. You must try all of them, they are different between

Cabaret nights

Cabaret nightsMarrickville, NSW

This small cabaret bar is one of Marrickville's best kept secrets. It's ornately decorated, with comfy couches to relax in, eclectic lampshades, and fabulous chandeliers. Quite reminiscent of the Gin Palaces from the

Plane Watching in Sydenham

Plane Watching in SydenhamSaint Peters, NSW

Sydenham Green is an interesting little park, complete with an over-sized lounge-room (to commemorate all the houses they had to demolish due to aircraft noise) and a great little dog park.My favorite thing to do there

Enjoy a beer with my dog and my baby

Enjoy a beer with my dog and my babyMarrickville, NSW

Batch is a pleasant place where I can go sit and enjoy a variety of beers on tap. You know it's a good place when they welcome not only dogs but also babies. Friendly staff, and the other clientele are cool as well. The

Sydney go-karting (Kart atak)

Sydney go-karting (Kart atak)Wolli Creek, NSW

Kart-atak, the sydney go karting place near the airport (technically wolli creek) the nearest place to get a motor sport fix to the sydney as it's < 30mins drive from the CBD.The go karts at wolli creek are fast enough