Things to do in Broadmeadows

There are tonnes of fun things to do in Broadmeadows & Broadmeadows's surrounds. Thingdoer is where Broadmeadows locals share their favourite Broadmeadows things to do and with 10+ activities suggested, all the best Broadmeadows things to do are here, there are free and discounted Broadmeadows activities alongside indulgent Broadmeadows things to do. You will find the fun Broadmeadows thing to do you're looking in this activity collection. If your favourite thing to do in Broadmeadows isn't listed, join Broadmeadows's thingdoers and share your things.

Breakfast at Schnitz

Breakfast at SchnitzBroadmeadows, VIC

Eat Breakfast with your loved one at Schintz. The food makes you lick your fingers every time. The freshly prepared chips makes you love the place even more. Perfect place to have a breakfast with your partner.

Lunch at La Porchetta

Lunch at La PorchettaBroadmeadows, VIC

Get a side Table in the Restaurant with your loved one. The Staff is always friendly. The food is awesome which will definitely make your partner love the place for a perfect lunch and a date.

Coffee at Gloria Jeans

Coffee at Gloria JeansBroadmeadows, VIC

Have a Coffee at Gloria Jeans with your loved one. The aroma of fresh coffee makes the place more suitable to spend a date with your partner. The staff is friendly and cares about its customers.

Muffins at Muffin Break

Muffins at Muffin BreakBroadmeadows, VIC

Eat some delicious muffins with a coffee if you and your partner love muffins at Muffin Break. You can Sit and talk with your loved one sipping coffee while talking. It is the ideal place to spend a date with your loved

Jump your heart out

Jump your heart outEssendon Fields, VIC

Bounce is a huge trampoline park in an airplane hanger in Essendon Fields, You pay for a 1hr session and believe me that's all you need (I'm sure the kids will beg to differ) but it's very tiring! There is lots of

Broadmeadows Valley Park

Broadmeadows Valley ParkWestmeadows, VIC

Spend an evening in the park. The aroma of fresh atmosphere and grass soothes and relaxes your mind and soul. Watching the sunset is the greatest thing to do in the park specially when a loved one is near you.

Breakfast at Jack and Daisys

Breakfast at Jack and DaisysPascoe Vale, VIC

Breakfast at Jack & Daisy café is a must when around the Pascoe Vale area. The café its self looks small from the outside but once inside it is very vibrant and all the staff are very welcoming. The place books out fast

Coburg Drive-In Cinema!

Coburg Drive-In Cinema!Coburg North, VIC

Got some wheels? Know a friend that does? Then the Coburg Drive-In is a must! Part of the Village Cinema chain, the Coburg Drive-In cinema transports you back to 1955 with the added benefit of high definition. An amazing