Things to do in Alexandria

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An amazing garden meal

An amazing garden mealAlexandria, NSW

The Grounds of Alexandria is an amazing breakfast, brunch and lunch venue to have an incredible meal in unbelievably beautiful scenery. The lanes have stalls where they sell all sorts of different foods like doughnut

Teach your kids the road rules

Teach your kids the road rulesAlexandria, NSW

Sydney Park has set up a mini simulation of traffic lights, roundabouts, crossings and even speed bumps specifically for children to bike ride or scooter around and learn the road rules for themselves. This is a great

4 Ounces Burger

4 Ounces BurgerAlexandria, NSW

One of the best burgers joints in the area. They are great for home delivery (via Uber Eats or Deliveroo) or in store.It caters well for my carnivore husband and my vegan self; even though there is only one vegan option,

Social Escape Rooms

Social Escape RoomsAlexandria, NSW

My partner and I went up to Sydney on a miserably rainy day and decided this would be a fun thing to do. We had only done a few escape rooms but this one was by far the best that we have been to. They had two rooms at

Go Shopping at LUSH!

Go Shopping at LUSH!Alexandria, NSW

I am a very firm believer of natural products - and this is why everyone should check out LUSH! Lush (Fresh Handmade Cosmetics) are usually found in your nearest Westfield and large malls - but do have standalone stores

A healthy breakfast at Bread & Circus

A healthy breakfast at Bread & CircusAlexandria, NSW

Located in Alexandria, Sydney 'Bread & Circus' is a beautiful cafe with an overwhelming array of healthy options. With a menu that changes daily, 'Bread & Circus' has plenty of fresh and colorful dishes to choose from.

Play with dogs

Play with dogsAlexandria, NSW

Sydney park is a big park with huge green spaces that are off-leash dog areas. If you don't like dogs I recommend avoiding this park. If you like dogs, you see all sorts of different dogs here. My dog loves walking

Traditional Italian feed

Traditional Italian feedAlexandria, NSW

Joe's authentic italian has super friendly staff, all family if i remember correctly who work their absolute hardest to make sure your time at the restaurant is comfortable and efficient. The chicken Schnitzel and