Things to do in Acton

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Explore the history and future of Australia!

Explore the history and future of Australia!Acton, ACT

The National Museum of Australia is by far one of the best museums today, boasting an extencive collection that will captivate the minds of the young and the old countless times. Kids will not be forgetting "K-Space" The

The Red Centre in Canberra!

The Red Centre in Canberra!Acton, ACT

Wow, what a find this one was. Right in the middle of the Australian National Botanic Gardens you’ll find an incredible red centre garden home to mini sand dunes, red rock escarpments and a hole heap of valuable

Jet off to Canberra

Jet off to CanberraParkes, ACT

This jet is an icon of Canberra. it's visible from a large area of Canberra and can be seen for miles. The walk around is lovely, but the calming mist as it settles across the lake on a hot day is something great to

Lennox Gardens

Lennox GardensYarralumla, ACT

This part of the lake is fabulous. Right next to the Nara Peace Park and behind the Hyatt hotel, this section of the lake is my favourite!Quiet, spectacular and with a new and interesting view of Telstra Tower!You can

Lake Vistas

Lake VistasParkes, ACT

Take a beautiful walk around the lake, but unusually spend time crossing the Kings Avenue Bridge to the Carillion!The view of the Carillion, Telstra Tower, the lake, parliament, national library the courts and the

A Great Afternoon

A Great AfternoonKingston, ACT

A relaxing afternoon ride around Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra, ACT and having a delicious dinner at Kingston Foreshore Walt & Burley. Starting from Queen Elizabeth Terrace along the Lake Burley Griffin bike ride, 2

Best Pub in Kingston

Best Pub in KingstonKingston, ACT

If you’re looking for a great place to kick back and enjoy a few cold drinks over the hot summer months then head on down to the Dock on the Kingston Foreshore. Overlooking the Kingston Marina it’s in the perfect spot to

Best coffee in Kingston

Best coffee in KingstonKingston, ACT

When you’re searching for a cup of coffee you’re not JUST looking for a cup of coffee. You’re looking for a cup of coffee that’s made right, served with a smile and accompanied by some great food offerings. Remedy by

Mt Ainslie Walk and View

Mt Ainslie Walk and ViewACT

Wedged between the suburbs of Ainslie and Campbell, Mt. Ainslie is a popular sightseeing spot and walking track.The walking track is 4.5km return and takes you from behind the Australian War Memorial to the summit, 843

Brunch and views from Red Hill, Canberra

Brunch and views from Red Hill, CanberraRed Hill, ACT

Red Hill is a perfect spot for branch and a brisk walk - you’ll will be rewarded with stunning views and great food. Take the Red Hill Lookout Drive to arrive at the cafe - Little Brother Cafe has a great seasonal menu

Get your GAME on at YPS!

Get your GAME on at YPS!Yarralumla, ACT

It’s the land of “mini’s” where kids of all ages, big and small come to play. There is something ‘mini’ for everyone. Mini GolfThis course is amazing and brags that it’s the largest mini-course in Australia! Ever wanted

Hiking - Canberra style

Hiking - Canberra styleACT

You don’t need a national park to go hiking – here in Canberra there are various ways you can experience the great outdoors on foot and take in amazing views while you’re at it. All within just mere kilometres of the

Send a Letter from The Highest Post Box in ACT

Send a Letter from The Highest Post Box in ACTACT

If you're in the ACT, why not make the trip to the top of the Telstra Tower to take in the views of the city. For a small fee, you can head up to the viewing deck, where you are able to walk 360 degrees around the deck

Enjoy a picnic

Enjoy a picnicParkes, ACT

Why not pack up a picnic and head to Lake Burley Griffin for a romantic interlude with your partner, or some relaxing chill-out time with your family. There’s an abundance of scenic picnic spots around the lake,