Sydney CBD is social chaos. Sometimes you embrace it, warming against that stranger as you wait in line on a winter morning for your soy latte. Sometimes it will destroy your morning, with your taxi taking a wrong turn onto a 3km one-way street en route to that important meeting you haven't prepped for.

But if it's one thing you can't fluke, its a pro casual date in the CBD. Book a table, you look to serious. Rock up to a slick bar and prepare to either stand in an awkward corner next to the bathroom because its so packed, or be refused PayPass because those two drinks cost more than a seaplane ride.

The answer? Frankie's Pizza. Taking a page out of 'The Guide To Being An American Dive Bar', this bar has good beer, pizza by the slice and a secret spot for the casual CBD meet that will make you look like a bar aficionado. Head through the main room to the fire escape at the back of the hall. Go down half a level and find a secret back room with booths lining the wall and stools at the (quieter) bar. The drink menu may be a bit more limited, but at least you'll hear your date when they drop that innuendo about staying over.

Suited for: Lovers of Americana, Rock Music Appreciators, 18-29 YO's