White beach is Located near nubeena Tasmania , the beach is covered is white sand and bright blue water , this is one of my favourite beaches as there is never many people there even on the nicest of days.During summer when the weather is warm swimming in the water , kayaking, tanning and snorkeling are among my favourite things to do . Snorkeling among the reef is amazing ,there are many types of fish ranging from small to quite large , it is common to see skates and rays in the water no mater what type of weather and there has been a few shark , whale and dolphin sightings. During in winter walking along the beach is calming and skates are still visible , walking along the beach you can see the shadows of the skates and rays and walk in the water along side them as they are not dangerous. During the night time spear fishing for squid and flounder is a good source of entertainment and even during the night skates swim along side you , it is a great experience and very enjoyable for adults and kids. There are a few rubish bins available and two public toilets near the car park close to the beach. Not far from the beach is a few little shops where you can get fish and chips for lunch along with a petrol station and a skate park for the little ones , nubeena provides a great place for a small get away and should be explored even if you only have a day , sitting on he jetty and watching the amazing sun sets is a great way to experience Tasmania’s beauty.