Forget all about the hassle of parking close to Hastings Street. Noosa Main Beach isn’t as brilliant as it’s hyped up to be. In the afternoon expect to watch a beautiful array of purples and pinks during the sunset, however you’ll want to spend your day in the sun elsewhere. I would recommend parking as close to the National Park in one of the side streets and walking to Little Cove. This is my favourite ‘semi-secluded’ beach in Noosa with the calmest blue water and plenty of spots for tanning on rocks, or lounging in the shade- whatever your preference. Some other favourites include: Tea Tree Bay (Along the National Park walk and perfect for catching a few waves), Alexandra Bay (‘A-Bay,’ Previously known as a nudist beach for it’s wonderful seclusion from the walking track) and the Noosa Dog Beach (a lovely place for families and swimming with the doggo’s).