Church street Parramatta boasts of different foods and various cafes ideal for a foodie. My absolute favourite place along Church street is the Yoghurberry joint, especially since it is Summer it provides a self serve frozen yoghurt dispensing machine, thereafter allowing you to choose and place your own toppings to finally placing your rather large ice cream cup on the weigher. This place charges by weight not by what you put in your ice cream cup! So awesome! I know that many places have various price ranges on different goodies and the ice cream flavour you choose, but not this place! I usually walk out with a massive tub of frozen yoghurt with popping pearls for about $10 bucks. Generally this is about 5-8 scoops of normal ice cream, so the pricing part is way more than decent.
If you want a nice coffee, you can stroll along and there are many places such as San Churros in which you can stop by to fulfil your caffeine needs. The further up you walk church street, the more and more scenic it becomes. You will reach a bridge that overlooks the Parramatta theatre and can walk down to go for a stroll there too. This stroll is perfect for a date, nice dinner, coffee and dessert followed by a nice stroll down the river. Usually, there are various coloured lights at the fountain near the river to add that cherry to the top part of your date or just an outing with a friend.