You will truely feel as though you are taken away to the desserts of Arabia, sitting under a middle eastern, exotic tent. The luxurious tent outside the main Armani restaurant boasts of middle eastern music, dim lights and a great atmosphere overlooking the street of Parramatta to a nice park. The cocktails at this place is next level, try the Armani Special it is one of my favourites. The main dessert at this place is called the Knafe. It consists of a sweet cheese that resembles the stretchiness of mozzarella. It is served similar to baklava. It is something that you would try when you go there. The main part of sitting within the tent is the "doing", so what exactly you will do is order Shish/Argelih. It is a middle eastern pipe that you smoke out of. The smoke isn't exactly like the normal tobacco you would pick up at any cigarette store, the pipe is long, and you normally request either an apple, orange or pineapple head. The staff place a flavoured tobacco for you on top of the fruit. My favourite being Kiwi and Mint on a pineapple head. As you take a breathe in through the pipe, there is water at the base of the pipe that filters the tobacco as the wait staff explained to me. It's a great place to just enjoy the music, the drinks, desserts and the atmosphere with good company! Oh and if it is your birthday they do a special Arabian happy birthday to you! Pretty cool place.