This is a great activity in Parramatta for 2-8 people - the Labyrinth Escape Room. There are 3 different themed rooms where you work collaboratively as a team to escape. Its a fun activity that enhances your bonding experience and get to know your friends/colleagues/family that much better. The rooms are Japanese Horror escape, Insane Asylum and Mexican Cartel. You will need to go on full brain power to use each and everything available in the room to escape in 60 minute or remain trapped! Its a great activity that you use your senses to help aid you in the escape, the props and the atmosphere used in these escape rooms are done very well so you actually feel as though you are REALLY there in the real thing. The more people you have in your group the cheaper it becomes. $42 pp for 2 people down to $32pp for 7-8 people. Definitely recommend it, especially the Insane Asylum which is my favourite! I felt as though the puzzles and the "aha!" moments you get with it as time passes and you are running on adrenaline to solve the puzzles was a complete thrill ride. Best part, you can do it in whichever conditions. I would recommend it for families and for different events. Depending on your ability to solve riddles, coming from an avid trivia and riddles fan, I found the puzzles on a medium scale for myself, however my friends and colleagues that have visited this place either found it on medium or hard, nonetheless and absolute fun time! The reviews around the net on this place are quite high too. Check it out for yourselves.