If there’s one thing about Adelaide that art-lovers with enjoy, it’s going on a treasure hunt looking for all the amazing street art scattered in every unexpected nook and cranny of the Adelaide CBD. From nature to geometric, from hyper-realism to Picasso-esc interpretive artworks, the city is brimming with artistic sights painted across almost every surface possible. Take a walk through the city and see what you can discover! There’s street art scattered around main areas such as Hindley and Rundle street, and even whole walls covered in artistic landscapes all the way down on South Terrace, near the Himeji Gardens. As well as large wall art, there’s even little Furbys hidden around the main shopping area of the CBD, so see how many you can find! If you’re up for a bit more adventure, take a quick drive down Goodwood Road out of the CBD to find the long stretch of street art commissioned by various artists outside the Adelaide Showgrounds.