Binnalong Bay, located on the North Eastern Coast of Tasmania (amongst the aptly named bay of fires) is an absolutely stunning place to visit!

There are huge granite boulders across the coast, white sands, crystal clear tidal rivers, amazing oyster leases and more. Cannot wait to visit again - in the warmer months of late Summer of course - can get very chilly down there!

We stayed in St Helens in a very affordable and cosy 4 star motel with full kitchen. The local St Helens Shops boast local produce and other boutique stores, to which we befriended the local health food store, which stocked local Tasmanian pepper, essential oils and much more.

Take your time to "Bay hop" as there are plenty of changes along the coast which you will see in my pictures. From rock pools to glowing white sand, that famous rusty coloured moss on the rocks and so much more. Just gorgeous!!