My partner and I stayed at Fitzroy Island over the course of a long weekend. The resort accomodation is regularly up for great deals on discount websites - which I booked our escape through one, so accomodation was very affordable and did not disappoint!

We had an apartment style studio room so fortunatley we had a full kitchen, and brought groceries across that we picked up in Cairns - because the dining can be very hot and miss between both restaurant / bars on the Island. Although, I hear that kitchen management has changed at Foxys since our stay - but just a heads up - don't be shy to BYO food and beverage to the resort!! I understand that live in staff can resort to complacency, but the food was sub standard at both places in our opinions - which was very disappointing.

However, food aside... the Island was absolutely beautiful. From snorkelling, SUP, swimming and various tracks to explore (eg Nudey Beach and the Summit walk tracks) it really was a great get away! Especially for the price!!

I highly recommend getting into the water before all the coral bleaches completely, do some kayaking / SUP, relax at the pool with a drink and explore explore explore!!! You can also visit the Turtle rehabilitation centre when permitted - we didn't have that luxuarybas it wasn't too long after a cyclone had passed.