Everyone needs a good local cafe and luckily just around the corner from me is a happening little street called Blackwood Street where you will food Blackwood Cafe. These guys pump out a great breakfast menu as well as doing lunches currently closing up around 3:00 most days. However they just received their liquor license so will shortly be opening up for dinners on the weekend and as they already have an espresso machine they are going to go with a range of espresso martinis and cocktails which will be brilliant. I love their eggs benedict and iced coffees and my kids love to choose from either bacon or eggs or any number of the great little treats they have for display. I think opening up for dinner is also a great idea as it will give the area more places to choose from to go out for a bite to eat and a couple of drinks for dinner and will ensure that the area only gets busier as more and more people move in. If anyone is in and around the northern suburbs they should pop in to this great little place.