Just out of Tweed, off the M1, on the way to the incredible Kingscliffe beaches, why not stop at Chinderah for fish and chips by the water?

Often overlooked as a retirement town (true, it is mostly retirement living and golf course), it has an astounding antique shop on the corner of Chinderah Bay Drive and Waugh Street – right next to Tweed River Seafoods.

The antique shop is a museum as well as antique seller, and boasts some of the most amazing paraphernalia, mostly marine-related. Antique stores these days typically sell twentieth century artefacts, particularly from World War 2 onwards, however most of this museum is comprised of items from the seventeeth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries! All passionately restored by hand. Ever seen a real eighteenth century diver’s suit, like the one in 1000 Leagues under the Sea? They’ve got one.

Right next door is a lovely (yet busy) old skool fish and chip shop. Old Skool as in fresh, unfrozen, battered and crumbed in non gluten-free crumbs and deep fried to perfection. Cross the road to the bayside and catch the seabreeze, then finish your drive south to the beautiful beaches of Northern NSW.