Goodness Gracious is a cafe offering scrumptious eats. You can tell from the name of the cafe.

Tucked away in a suburb, this cafe is a true gem for the locals. There could be quite a bit of queue so be early. It is a tiny little Queenslander, you could sit in the garden if the weather permits. Enjoy the morning sunshine and immerse yourself in a cup of coffee. It is no brainer that weekends should be spent like this.

Try the signature dish named after the cafe itself, the granola bowl is good as well, not to forget the seasonal smoothie & acai! The servings are generous so you'll be quite full after this. But you could try out the cakes as well. The menu changes seasonally so you'll get to try out lovely dishes.

Start your weekend morning with a good vibe, there's no reason that you would miss this little gem.