This is a really fun thing to do on a Sunday afternoon, and could be a way to keep the smaller kids entertained over the holidays!

One quiet weekend, curious as to whether there was a street in Brisbane with my first name, I googled and found it in a far outer suburb. My housemate’s name was on the other side of town, but we were up for a drive and to see new things, so we plugged it into the GPS off we went. Along the way we discovered new roads, new routes and new retail hubs as we drove around the suburbs. Best of all, we got our tourist photos done, and have a new supply of fun profile pictures for social media!

While this may not be one of the most exciting things to do, it is a thing to do which is free and educational – google ‘place name process’ to find out how streets get named in Australia – and who doesn’t like to see their name on a sign?

Be warned though, names are the most common street signs to be stolen, so don’t hang around too long or the local residents might start eyeballing you. Also don’t steal the sign, because that’s illegal.