Take a walk (or run if that's more of your thing) around Lake Monger! Tucked away neatly, but easily accessible from sides of West Leederville, Leederville, Wembley and Glendalough, Lake Monger really is gorgeous and deserving of your time. A walk around the lake may take a good 45 minutes, and you may be slightly out of breath by the end of it, but do be sure to stop for a moment and take in your surroundings, as it is very pretty, and very good for the soul. If you're lucky you'll probably see baby ducks and their mothers on the lakes. You'll also see lots of other (all very friendly) people, and their dogs, walking or running around the lake, and many sports teams do their training on Lake Monger as well. I suggest going at sunset - you can get a great view of the Perth CBD like you've never seen it before, all right behind the lake!