To get to wedding cake rock, throw on your walking shoes and a bag packed with a camera, water and some snacks. Drive down to the Beachcomber ave in Bundeena where you can park your car. Start following the trail and it is about 1.5 hours of walk with some rest and pictures taking in between before you reach the Wedding Cake Rock. Sit on the edge of wedding cake rock, look down the cliff. The view is breathtaking and indescribable. One word, 'Amazing'. Strike your best pose with your date and snap away!

Since geologists have discovered that wedding cake rock is unstable and at a chance of collapse, the council have erected a large fence to stop tourists from walking out onto the rock itself. Bushwalkers to wedding cake rock clearly didn't like the fence so the wedding cake rock fence now has a big hole in the middle where people walk straight through to take photos on the rock anyway. The photos are amazing but because the council has deemed it unsafe, it's best to heed the warning the wedding cake rock fence provides!

Update (1/4/2016): Rangers have recently been given the authority to fine people jumping the fence at wedding cake rock $300 so factor the fine into your decision on whether or not to take a selfie.