We found this after a detour heading back from our weekend away in Mataranka, this beautiful gem has amazing camping grounds and clean amenities we visited in the dry season as this place can close after lots of rain due to the creek crossings becoming unpassable.

To get in is quite a trek off the beaten path (about an hour) on an unsealed road and I personally would recommend a 4wd or an SUV, although I did see quite a few 2wd sedans once we reached the car park. I don't know if they are crazy or I am just overly cautious.

We visited the bottom pool only this time as I didn't want to risk the hike up to the infinity pools with two tired boys. The bottom pool is an amazing large sand entry swimming hole which after trekking through the bush getting here seemed like paradise at the other side is where the waterfall is during the dry season it was just a small trickle. It was great for kids as the entry is gradual and they can play in the water at any level they feel comfortable with. It was quite busy with many campers and I understand why as it definitely is a hidden treasure and the weekend we visited was a long weekend.

Next visit I will definitely be making the trek to the infinity pools as they look amazing.