This was somewhere where that my family and I spoke about visiting for a while before we eventually acquired a 4wd and the first family adventure we went on was, you guessed it The Lost City.

The Lost City is located in Litchfield National Park and is the perfect play to go on an adventure before heading to the various rockpools and waterfalls Litchfield has to offer. The track in is quite rough, uneven and most of it requires you to pull into the bush when another car is approaching from the opposite way just take your time and remember getting there is half the fun.

Once you reach the Lost City the views are amazing and even our two young boys were in awe of the sandstone pillars that have been left behind after eroding from many years of our big rains and harsh sun. When we hopped out the car we were blown away by the beauty that has been left behind and it didn't even feel as though we where only an hour from home. Make sure to check out this quieter location in Litchfield and escape back in time.

* Please make sure to check the road conditions by a quick google search, also there are no amenities at this attraction just a carpark.