You can choose your effort level here. For the average/easy option you can take the drive out to Purling Brook Falls Lookout and enjoy the incredible views from the top, get a few snaps and enjoy the fresh air. If you’re up for the hard version, take the walk-path all the way to the bottom and go for a dip at the bottom of the falls. You can go even further to some more secluded waterholes. The long, green walk down has some interesting sights itself and if you’re paying attention to your surroundings you can feel the temperature change, and you’ll notice the vegetation change with it. The walk up after spending a few hours at the bottom is a bit harder, particularly if you take the faster route. It’s a lot more vertical and a LOT of stairs. Take water, and a light snack (bananas are our staple) and enjoy the drive. This is a National Park though, so anything you take needs to come back with you.