To put it simply: you’re going to get a bucket, a pick and walk up the mountain to then bash the ground with a pick - hopefully to find some rocks that have crystals in them. The joy of it comes down to who you go with, and guessing whether what you’re digging up is the right thing. And of course the cutting open of the eggs - finding your own crystals that no one has ever laid eyes on? Nice. While digging I thought we weren’t doing too well, but when our eggs were cut open we had some beautiful minerals in them - some would have been worthy of cutting and polishing had I not wanted to keep them in their original state. We also found some chunks along the way which were pretty nice. Once cut, they are a mirror image of each other, so you and your bestie can have a half each to remember the day (aaawww!). This is great for kids - we actually ended up getting tagged along with a primary school excursion. Get there early as it does get hot in the dirt, wear comfy closed in shoes and take water. Check out their website before going to make sure you have what you need.