The Riverwalk goes all the way from Teneriffe to the CBD and, as the name does indicate, allows you to walk along the Brisbane River. The Riverwalk is incredibly popular for a quick stroll, exercise, or simply getting you from point A to point B. It offers stunning views of inner Brisbane and allows you to walk through some of the most beautiful parts of Brisbane. In New Farm, you will be able to walk past old gorgeous warehouses that have been turned into houses, admire the riverfront, and walk right next to New Farm Park. Along the way, there are a few restaurants and cafes that offer a chance to get out of the heat and grab a refreshing beverage. You can walk past the iconic Story Bridge and get some great photos of the city’s architecture. If you keep following the Riverwalk, you end up at the Eagle Street Pier and find yourself in one of the classiest restaurant areas in Brisbane. The Riverwalk is dog friendly and many people enjoy running alongside the river. It’s a great, easy walk for people of any age or mobility level.