Top Australian Wines presents…
The ULTIMATE Pairing…
The most original and extraordinary cheese paired with both Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio.

Get ready to embark on new tastes you’ve never experienced before.

You’ll try 4 glasses of Pinot Gris, a richer, full-bodied flavour.

And you’ll enjoy 4 glasses of Pinot Grigio, the Italian style, lighter-bodied wine full of vibrant fruit notes. And every sip is artfully paired with the absolute best cheese selection Milk the Cow has to offer.

WHAT: Pinot Gris v Pinot Grigio & cheese matching at Milk The Cow Carlton

WHEN: Sunday, 12th April 7PM – 10PM

WHERE: Milk the Cow, Licensed Fromagerie — 323 Lygon St., Carlton VIC 3053

AVAILABILITY: Seats are going fast!

RESERVATIONS: Call 9500 9307