Discrete as it may be to some people, Cookie is of Melbourne’s favourite establishment. It sits on the upper level of Curtin House, decked with artwork and murals created by local artists. The place is spacious and offers a great chill-out spot especially during wet weather spells.

Day time is a little more quiet and you can most certainly relax and read a good book in there. The space itself is massive with lots of seating areas at different sections of the bar/restaurant. As night falls, you'll find a different group of crowd who are after drinks and chats straight after work. That's when the atmosphere gets a little more exciting. Put it this way, think of Cookie as your fancy beer hall that also offer dines ins.

Find yourself a cozy spot behind the bar – you’ll be surprised with its intimate settings and seat arrangements which somehow drowns the boisterous crowd a little – perfect for conversations without yelling across.

Dim lights with velvety mixes by their resident DJs seals the deal for a rainy evening. Who’s in? I know I am.