Little would many people know that Manly has some really fantastic local art to be seen. At any given time there are plenty of exhibitions going on around town but for those just in town for a day or two, the galleries are open every day and the murals are easily accessible.

Follow this path to see some of the best galleries and murals

Walk down Market lane and check out the mural designed by Ruth Downes with bright colors featuring headlines from the local Manly newspaper over the last century.

Literally right across the lane is the Manly Market Lane Mural Project, which was created last year. This is a giant canvas that is changed every few weeks, when new artists come and paint in open air for people to watch. The pieces vary in style and are quite impressive.

Check out Salt Motion, local photographer Joel Coleman studio with amazing fine art ocean photography printed on glass, making them come to life even more.

Also in Manly, there is a lovely Aboriginal Art Gallery as well as the Manly Art Museum.