They don't call it Paradise Lagoon for no reason! This is my favourite swimming hole near my home town of Ingham in North Queensland. Otherwise known as Big Crystal Creek it is a fantastic large swimming hole located not too far from the equally great Frosty Mango. It is a short drive off the highway and a short walk from the picnic area to a great swimming hole of crystal clear fresh water brimming with jungle perch and when the rains are right some really good rapids and little waterfalls. There is also rocks to jump off and further down from the main hole some great rock slides to keep you entertained. The picnic and camping areas are great and come with all the amenities so you aren't roughing it. I camped and visited here too many times to count with my family growing up in North Queensland try to get back there when I go home to visit. It is a secret mainly only locals know about but something tourists should definitely check out as you won't regret it.