My daughter and I do a Daddy/Daughter trip away every year and this year our destination was Cairns. Without a doubt the winner for things to do for the trip were the Night Markets. We stayed four nights and were there every night and she managed to find something to buy every night. The thing she loved the most was the henna tattooing, for a lovely little design it was a good cheap price, admittedly more than somewehere like Bali but still not too much for a tourist area. The markets are full of little knick knacks and obviously touristy souvenirs aimed at the backpacker market but there are some great buys to be found. There is also a great selection of food stalls for cheap that allow you to get a great feed on the go and quickly for a very reasonable price. Even though it is aimed at the overseas and tourist backpacker market it is something I would definitely recommend for anyone visiting Cairns.