Believe it or not, even though we are on the Coast you can't go just anywhere and expect to get some well priced, top notch prawns. The Gold Coast Fisherman's Co-Op is the place to get the freshest prawns (and crabs/bugs if you're lucky) but be warned - you should plan on getting here early! I've grown up on seafood so I know the good stuff when I find it - and buying direct from the trawlers adds that bit of nostalgia for me. I always go for the extra large ones at $30 per kilo (see beer for scale), but some days if you're not early you just gotta get what they have on hand - but you won't be disappointed if you walk away with a bag in hand. Seeing how you're already at Main Beach (it's just past the Versace at Marina Mirage), just continue up to The Spit and eat them on the waterfront, you'll likely spot a turtle while enjoying the view! Bring cash (you're buying direct from the trawlers), you can get raw and cooked prawns, and you can check on their website the daily catch before you make the trek. If they make it home, my go to sauce is: tomato sauce, mayo, dash of lemon & worcestershire sauce....and don't forget the beers.