There are several walking tracks to find on Mount Tamborine, with each one ranging fitness wise from easy-hard. Through each walking track you can see beautiful greenery, and some even including waterfalls. A very popular and easy walk is 'Curtis Falls', which includes many stairs but generally takes 30mins, with parking available right at the start of the track.

Another great walking track which I have done is Witches Falls, which offers different tracks (one bigger kms than the other), this walk took approx 1-1.5hr, and included stairs, ramps and thin walkways (which was difficult for children at times). This walk had beautiful look out points, which you will see captured in the pictures above.

So no matter what level of fitness you are up to, Mount Tamborine will have a beautiful walking track for you. The information desk at the mountain will give you a map if needed and let you know which is the best walk for you.