If you’re a keen surfer or just want to give it a go, head out to Avoca Beach. A beach break which provides plenty of different waves and can handle both a big and a small swell this is a popular beach with the locals. It provides good sections for beginners and there are good peaks on offer for the more experienced surfer also.

If there is a big swell the waves will break from the point and can be ridden for a good distance. There is a constant rip next to the wave pool which means you don’t have to paddle out through the waves in big surf or you can jump off the rocks and paddle out the back. A number of the locals come down to the beach to watch the surfers battle against waves that can reach over 8 feet in a good sized swell.

If the surf isn’t pumping then go for a swim or have a feed at the local fish and chip shops on the beach. There is also an old school movie theatre in the park next door which is worth a look also!