Robin Falls is located just outside the Adelaide River Township to get here takes about an hour and a half from the city, please be aware that from the turnoff to the actual falls the road is unsealed we visit in March and accessibility is easy in a 2wd car although we just take it a little slower.

This fantastic waterfall is much more quieter then the other ones in Litchfield National park but there is a 20-30min walk along a stream to get to it. The ground is uneven and could be difficult to younger children or older adults. Our boys where 4 and 6 and they loved the adventure of it all, although we had to hold their hands through a few rough patches and help them get up to the waterfall itself.

The walk is shady and in the afternoons Robin falls is in the shade also which made it quiet cold for us locals in March, during the dry season the waterfall is just a trickle but still pretty special.

There are camping facilities before the walk up and the campgrounds did have a few people staying there. The closet amenities would be back in the Adelaide River township. If you are looking for somewhere to cool off after exploring Adelaide River Robin Falls is perfect. We always make a day of it when we travel out there we finish off with a meal at the Adelaide river pub and guarantee after that the kids fall asleep on the way back to Darwin.